Frequency Converter Unit 150 KVA

150KVA Frequency converter Unit (FCU) can be used as a Mobile Power Source for aircraft startup and to carry out maintenance / servicing of aircraft or to power up ground equipment such as High Power Radars. The FCU takes in the commercial power source input and uses solid state devices to produce the required AC and DC outputs. Since this is our product, variants suiting the requirements can easily be provided.

AC Generating System

    • Input Voltage 380VAC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
    • Output Voltage: 3 Phase 115/200 V
    • Output Rated Load Capacity: 432 Amp / Phase
    • Output Frequency: 400 Hz
    • Power factor: 0.8
    • Voltage Regulation: <0.5% for balanced load and up to 30% unbalanced load
    • Voltage Recovery: ∆U <8% and rec. time <10 ms at 100% load change
    • Phase Angle Symmetry: 120° ± 1° for balanced load, 120° ± 2° for 30% unbalanced load

    AC Output Protection

      • Over Voltage Protection will Stop the Output in 1 to 2 seconds when the output voltage exceeds a preset limit
      • Under Voltage Protection will Stop the Output in 7 seconds when the output voltage goes below 100V
      • Over Frequency: Trips below 420 HZ within five 5 seconds
      • Under Frequency: Trips below 380 Hz within Seven 7 seconds

    Spares / Technical Support:

    • In country spares/technical support shall be provided for next 10 years
    • Comprehensive list of spares required for overhauling of FCU will be provided

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