Electric Driven Hydraulic Test Stand

This test unit is designed for functional testing and maintenance of hydraulic system of aircraft. It is also used for the filling, draining of hydraulic reservoirs on the aircraft.

Hydraulic System

    • Main Pump Pressure: 350 Bar
    • Pressure Adjustable Range: 20 bar to 250 Bar
    • Flow Adjustable: 0-42 L/Min
    • Filling Rate: 3 L/Min
    • Directional control valve.

    Instruments & Control Panel

      • Warning lights for levels
      • Warning lights for Contamination
      • Switches for system control
      • Warning light for Hydraulic Oil Temperature
      • Hydraulic Oil Temperature Gauge
      • Delivery Pressure Gauge
      • Return Pressure Gauge
      • Boost Pressure Gauge
      • Glass Flow Meter
      • Valve for Pressure Control
      • Valve for Flow Control
      • Valve for Draining
      • Panel Buzzer for Warnings

    Spares / Technical Support:

    • In country spares/technical support shall be provided for next 10 years
    • Comprehensive list of spares required for overhauling of HTS will be provided

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