AM-20 Pop-up Target

AM Target system is our flagship product. It is the target system for small arms live firing exercises, applicable for various types of weapons and ammunitions such as rifles, carbines, machine guns, and pistols. The targets are computerized controlled to be raised and lowered sequentially according to pre-defined programs. Also, each target can operate as stand-alone unit.  

Product Description

    • Electro-mechanical unit to raise and lower target silhouette, with hit detector.
    • Operate in various configurations: Pop up, Side up, Turn, Swivel.
    • Self-locking mechanism to withstand strong wind or hit impacts.
    • Electronics control locally, and remotely via simple wiring.
    • Hit detection function at rate upto 1000 counts/minute.
    • Operates from AC power.
    • Very low maintenance requirement.
    • Waterproof casing.
    • Specially designed for operations in tropical climate (heavy rain, high humidity and strong sunlight).
    • Lightweight. Easy to install. Easy to handle.
    • Provided as standard an external outlet for flash light, light signalling, etc. for night training.
    • Dimension approx. 46cm x 58cm x 47cm (18"x23"x18") (WxDxH)
    • Weight approx. 25 kg. (55 lbs.)


      Pop-up                                      Side-up     Turn                                           Swivel     

    AM-Target systems have been in service for the Royal Thai Army and in our neighbor countries for many years now.

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