AM-100 Target Controller

AM Target system is our flagship product. It is the target system for small arms live firing exercises, applicable for various types of weapons and ammunitions such as rifles, carbines, machine guns, and pistols. The targets are computerized controlled to be raised and lowered sequentially according to pre-defined programs. Also, each target can operate as stand-alone unit.

Product Description

    • Controls operations of all targets according to predefined control programs.
    • LCD touch screen control panel.
    • Portable, rugged design aluminium casing.
    • Controls targets via simple wiring from distance over 1000m. (3300')
    • One control unit can control upto 100 targets individually, or thousands of targets with signal repeaters (optional).
    • Stores upto 250 user programs. Controls upto 8 different programs at the same time.
    • AARM user friendly, only a few simple touches to select match and/or practice and run it.
    • Fully supports all matches/ practices of AARM competition.
    • Operates from internal 24V batteries, with built-in AC adapter/charger.
    • Dimension approx. 28cm x 38cm x 22cm (11"x15"x9") (WxDxH). Weight approx. 12 kg. (26 lbs)

      AM-Target systems have been in service for the Royal Thai Army and in our neighbor countries for many years now.

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